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There are seldom times when a company with the same ethos and morals as your own approach you to stock their products and when they do you just have to say YES!!

Black Heart Beauty is now proud to be an official stockist of Jessup Beauty Makeup Brushes!

Who is Jessup?

Jessup Beauty is a Hong Kong brand started by Daniel Shieh and his wife in 2013.

The brand name “Jessup” contains “Jess” (from Jessie’s name) and “up” (meaning life gets better).

Daniel is a man who loves his wife, they worked after graduating from university. During this time, they were very poor but they were optimistic and deeply loved the multicolours of life.

Jessie loved makeup, although Jessie and many other women love beauty, they could not afford a set of brushes and expensive cosmetics. Daniel wanted to show his love for Jessie, to protect, respect her and make her happy. He wished Jessie and others could be more confident and aware of their individual beauty.

Daniel and Jessie believe it will make the world become more beautiful and your life will be more wonderful.

In our hearts, we are all eager for beauty. Jessup Beauty is committed to providing the finest and most desirable cosmetic products for everyone.

All along, Jessup hope that these expertly created products in various styles can give more choice to everyone and help you achieve your own individual beauty.

Jessup signifies loving life and highlighting beauty!